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A highly modified Gong German Straight Razor By C. Friedr ERN.
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A highly modified Gong German Straight Razor By C. Friedr ERN

Manufacturers Info.

C. Friedr. ERN
Wald & Solingen1873
Knives, Pocket knives & Razors
C & S. ERN. Snake & Eagle. Primus.
Lilliput. Tur-Ban Gong Razor & ATOR

A to Z of Razor Manufacturers

The razor had a badly chipped toe & has been modified to make it usable again.

This Cut throat Razor has a Hollow ground blade of 13/16”
with a cutting edge of 17/8
It has blacks scales with a cream spacer.
Engraved on the tang are the words “Gong Razor”
& the Gong Trademark.
On the reverse is “German 2633 Make“


Case. Not original & used for Royal mail packaging regulations.

Razor.  I have Cleaned the razor & it has left a little pitting
on the blade.

The hone wear is light. There are no chips or cracks in the blade & the scales are fine.

Not shave ready, Requires Honing, Not Suitable for novice..

The razor has been Sterilized using Barbiside.

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