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A 6/8 Sheffield Straight Razor Wade, Wingfield & Rowbotham
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A 6/8 Sheffield Straight Razor Wade, Wingfield & Rowbotham

 Manufacturers Info.
Sheffield ca. 1835 - 1852
Wingfield, Rowbotham, & Co. merchants, 82
Tenter street
; 82 Arundel lane, Table & spring knife, razor, file, & steel manufacturers, & saw manufacturers,

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This cut throat razor has a 6/8” 1/4 Hollow
ground blade.

It has black celluloid scales with a lead spacer. 

Engraved on the tang are the words
Wade, Wingfield & Rowbotham Sheffield England

On the blade there is "Real old English Razor"
& the Trademark Harp.


 Case. Not original & used for Royal mail packaging regulations.

 Razor.  I have lightly Cleaned the razor & it has left some minor pitting on the tang, spine & blade.

 The hone wear is light at less than .5mm.
There are no chips or cracks in the blade
& the scales are fine. 

Not shave ready, Requires Honing, Not Suitable
for novice..

 The razor has been Sterilized using

Code WWR010
Price of this razor is £60.00
 + P&P  UK £6.40
Rest of Europe £11.10
Rest of the world £11.70
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