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A pair of 6/8” Straight Razors by James Stodart.
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A pair of 6/8” Straight Razors by James Stodart.

Manufacturers Info.
James Stodart Early 1800's

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Straight Razor Place

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These cut throat razors have a 6/8” lightly ground blade.
They have dark horn scales with a lead spacer.
Engraved on the tang are the words “
I O Stodart & the Company trademark.
I O is beleived to represent Iridium and Osmium
aloys in the blade steel


 Case. Original double coffin V good Condition

 Razor.  I have Cleaned the razor & it has lefta little pitting on the tang, spine & blade.

 The hone wear is light at less than .5mm. There are
no chips or cracks in the blade
s. The scales on one
are period coppies.
On the second they have a crack
at the wedge end!

Not shave ready, Requires Honing, Not Suitable for novice..

 The razor has been Sterilized using Barbiside.

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