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A 7 Day set of 11/16” Straight Razors by Dovo
"Waffen Schmitd 300"
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A 7 Day set of 11/16” Straight Razors by Dovo
"Waffen Schmitd 300"

Manufacturers Info.
DOVO Steelware
was founded in 1906. Solingen Germany
Founded by Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos,
Fritz Bracht took over the DOVO company shortly
before the second World War.

A to Z of Razor Manufacturers

Great list of German Makers

These cut throat razors has a Hollow ground blade little under 6/8". They have white manmade scales with an integral spacer. Engraved on the tang are the words
300 Dovo Solingen Made in Germany"
On the reverse is “
Solingen Germany"
On the blade there is “
Hollow Ground Ready for use"
On the scales is Waffen Schmied"

Day of the week on each spine.


 Case. Original Dovo Soft case.

 Razor.  I have given the razors a very light clean.

 The hone wear is light at less than .5mm. There are no chips or cracks in the blade & the scales are fine. 

Not shave ready, Requires Honing, Suitable for novice..

 The razor has been Sterilized using Barbiside.

 Code D7-300
Price of this 7 day set is £370.00 + P&P
UK £7.15 Rest of Europe £12.65
Rest of the world £14.95
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