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 DOVO "Bergischer & Lowe”. 3580
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A 6/8” German Straight Razor by DOVO ”Bergischer & Lowe”.

Manufacturers Info.
DOVO Steelware was founded in 1906. Solingen Germany
Founded by Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos,
Fritz Bracht took over the DOVO company shortly
 before the second World War.

 This cut throat razors has a Hollow ground blade of 6/8”.
It has
light horn scales with a black spacer
On the blade it has “Bergischer & Lowe

 Condition. 2nd User

 Case. Leather Case

 Razor.  In lightly used condition, was a tiny bit of rust around the pivot,
it has been cleaned

 The hone wear is light at less than .5mm. There are no chips or cracks in the blade & the scales are fine.

 Not shave ready, Requires Honing, Suitable for novice..

Free honing if required

 The razor has been Sterilized using Barbiside.

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New around £195
Price of this razor is £150.00 + P&P
UK £6.45 Rest of Europe £11.10
Rest of the world £11.70
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