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The famous Imperia La Roccia Natural Sharpening Stone
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Large Imperia La Roccia Straight Razor Hone

Natural whetstone! Size 6” x 2” x 7/8”

Approximate Grit rating 12k - 15k.

Good finish hone. includes rubbing stone

 Condition. New & boxed, Lapped one side 600 grit & chamfered

About the Imperia La Roccia

Believed to be in the 12-15K range. Capabilities lie somewhere in this range depending on the razor and your use. This stone should be used with a slurry first, and with that is capable of a fine polish, very quickly from a 1K waterstone, to about 8K. Your results may differ and going to this stone from 4K may be easier for some, for a while. Moving to clear water and a gradually lighter hand, the stone can cut fast, and as finely as 15K, certainly getting the razor to ready for the strop, and possibly going directly to the test shave for some razors.
Price of this Hone is £40.00 + Signed/Tracked P&P
UK £4.40 Europe £11.10
Rest of the world £14.55

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